Sunday, July 12, 2015

Apnazon - Best Deals in Ahmedabad - 25% discount on Consultation for Lung

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25% discount on Consultation for Lung (pulmonary) Diseases at GPCC.

GPCC is Gujarat Pulmonary and Critical Care Clinic, a state of the art medical set up by a group of Critical Care Specialists and Pulmonary Disease Experts : Dr. Raj Rawal, Dr. Ajay Jain, Dr. Ajay Shah and Dr. Janak Bhavasar.


The set up has facilities for consultations, counseling, procedures and treatements for all types of lung diseases and their complications including:

Infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, virus, bacterial and fungal lung infections.

Allergic diseases such as asthama and bronchitis.
Chronic lung diseases such as COPD (Emphysema and bronchitis).
Long term coughing and various types of smoking related disorders.

Universal terms applicable to all deals.

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