Thursday, September 8, 2016

20% discount on Bronchoscopy Procedure for treatment or diagnosis of lung disease at GPCC : Gujarat Pulmonary & Critical Care Clinic.

GPCC is Gujarat Pulmonary and Critical Care Clinic, a state of the art medical set up by a group of Critical Care Specialists and Pulmonary Disease Experts : Dr. Raj Rawal, Dr. Ajay Jain, Dr. Ajay Shah and Dr. Janak Bhavasar.
Bronchoscopy is an endoscopic technique of visualizing the inside of the airways for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. An instrument (bronchoscope) is inserted into the airways, usually through the nose or mouth, or occasionally through a tracheostomy.
Bronchoscopy is used to make a diagnosis most commonly for these conditions:
   1) persistent or unexplained cough;
   2) blood in the sputum (coughed up mucus material from the lungs);
   3) abnormal chest x-ray such as a mass, nodule, or inflammation in the lung;      or
   4) evaluation of a possible lung infection.
Bronchoscopy is used for treatment:
   1) to remove foreign bodies in the airway;
   2) to place a stent (a tiny tube) to open a collapsed airway due to pressure         by a mass or tumor; or
   3) to remove a mass or growth that is blocking the airway.
  • Valid until: 31st December, 2016
  • Prior appointment mandatory.
  • For further terms contact the center.
  • Subject to availability of staff and equipments.
  • GPCC
    301, 3rd Floor, Swapnil Complex, Commerce Six Roads, Ahmedabad - 380009

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